Big Mama

  • Location: 466 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC 3053
  • Cuisine: Korean
  • Phone: 9347 2656
  • Score: 7/10

This morning I went for an interview at RMIT, and immediately after the interview I was told that I was accepted for the course that I applied for!  It’s a 5 week intensive course which will teach me how to teach English as a second language!  Thank God for this opportunity to upgrade my skills!

So I decided to celebrate it over lunch.  I’ve been wanting to try the Ginseng Chicken at Big Mama for a while now so I decided to go there.

20131003_115324 20131003_115306

Ginseng Chicken Soup with Rice: $19

According to the menu, the ginseng is from Korea, so it makes it even more authentic.  The soup was really flavoursome, the chicken very tender, but the only negative point about the soup for me was that I couldn’t taste much of the ginseng although there was a relatively big piece of ginseng in the bowl.  With the soup I was served 3 sides: omelette, picked mushrooms and cucumber slices, and deep fried calamari with mayonnaise.  Unfortunately I don’t eat mayo so I couldn’t try the calamari, but the mushrooms and cucumber slices were really good.

Big Mama on Urbanspoon

4 thoughts on “Big Mama

    1. haha I did think of leaving the mayo out but I glanced over at the counter where they had all the side dishes and every dish had mayo already, and I also didn’t want to trouble them with my request. if my order is custom made then I will definitely request no mayo. for photos of the decor, I’m not a good photographer (but I’m trying to improve!) so I don’t really take photos of the decor. and I guess for me, the decor is quite secondary as I’m there for the food. I also need to invest in a good camera and maybe go for a short course like photography for dummies to learn how to take better photos.

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