Ken Oriental Noodle Bar

  • Location: 380 Lygon St, Carlton (Lygon Court)
  • Cuisine: Asian
  • Score: Score will be assigned to each dish

This shop is located in Lygon Court, or I guess a more noticeable landmark would be Brunetti’s cafe.  Since Brunetti’s opened Lygon court has become so much more lively.  Ken Oriental Noodle Bar is part of a very, very small food court located inside Lygon Court, and sells a variety of Asian food.  When I first arrived in Melbourne being unfamiliar with the surroundings I ate there almost everyday for the first 2 weeks.  I cannot assign a fixed score to his food because of the large variety available, so each time I review one of his dishes I will score it individually.

 Fried rice with lemongrass chicken and honey chicken

Ken Oriental Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

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